From & the Chair; Christine E. E’Connor

In a energy to maintain our group advised and minimize frustration about critical matters, I am offering repeated changes and informative information on timely topics influencing the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS). Recently, I???ve observed a lot about senior week and proms in City. Please share safety-related info with pupils and parents:

Prom Security

We’re in prom season’s middle and all County public high schools supply after- routines, backed #8217 & by the universities; parent-educator interactions. Both attendees -attenders are delightful to participate in – celebrations. Some pupils have been associated with increasing finances for these occasions through programs including the neighborhood- financed Invitational Swim Match.

The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) associates with HC drug-free to market alcohol/drug-safety, and HC DrugFree makes shows for parents & kids at high schools throughout every season. They include learners to advertise liquor/drug-safety inside the colleges through their Youngster Advisory Group. HC DrugFree sponsors an HC DrugFree group while in the HCPSS-paid HoCo Film-Fest (student-produced video opposition).

Here are a few “Suggestions To Retain Kids Secure on #8221 & Prom Night; by guest-blogger and Howard County DrugFree president Joan Scornaienchi. And here are a few HCPSS Assets for Parents concerned with alcohol misuse and kids.

After University ???

I know everybody stimulates young people to ???play week pursuits that are mature are safe???ed during by it. Similar the, to the Howard Region pursuits vendors exclusive alcohol and drug-free functions in July for senior school graduates honoring around the shoreline. The Play It Protected method web page has data for parents and individuals.

DrugFree ???Senior Week used, Safe in Sea City??? classes for parents and teens this spring. Examine for announcements of any additional sessions in HCPSS Information.

There are various safety-related problems to take into account before parents agree to enable their seniors weekly to invest unsupervised anywhere. In the seaside, we must consult with teenagers about water security, applying crosswalks to securely cross highways, frustrating drinking and benefiting from safe activities and providers, including the Senior Week bus pass in Ocean Area.

Let???s interact to ensure individuals have a balanced protected and content satisfied end towards the school year.

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